After the Fire

Michelle Nelson - after the fire

Released in October 2013, After The Fire is a collection of original compositions for a various instruments. The general style is contemporary classical, always with a strong sense of harmony and melodic purpose.

Featured shortly after release on ABC’s afternoon classic-drive program, several tracks from it have received regular airplay since then, including Harmony on Lyttleton Street for plucked-strings quintet, the 1st movement of the Flute & Guitar Sonata, and the 1st movement of the Birrarung Suite, a beautiful work for violin, cello & guitar.<--break->





Michelle Nelson Guitarist

Works include:

Harmony on Lyttleton Street

A short work in three movements for small plucked strings ensemble

Sonata for Flute & Guitar

A substantial work in three movements

Birrarung Suite

Another substantial work in three movements; this one for Violin, Cello and Guitar is a warm, impressionistic work that reflects upon the history of Melbourne’s Yarra river, referred to as Birrarung by the area’s indigenous inhabitants at the time of European settlement.

The Bells Of Beechworth

A duet for guitars tuned D G D G B E. It features six short movements based on a melodic bell sequence from an old church in Victoria’s historic Beechworth.

After The Fire

An appealing single-movement work for Mandolin & Guitar orchestra

Summer Rain

Gorgeous solo guitar with Electro-acoustic sound-scape: you can almost feel the warm air and the rain!